How Muscle Training Supplements Make Me More Productive

By January I’d had enough. 16 long months of strenuous exercise, insane discipline and busy at work in the office. Each evening meal meticously planned out like I employed the services of a personal nutritionist. Here’s my story about how using legal steroid supplements to build muscle actually helped me to become more productive in the office too.

A shake to start the morning before my run. Ab workouts at the office when everbody else went out to starbuck. Selling my xbox and getting rid of my TV so I spent less time idle and more time being active. The gym had taken over my life.


Sacrifice after Sacrifice. And what did it get me?

January came around and because my mother was coming into town I decided to take a week off from working out. One small week after 16 hard months of dedication was surely deserved. I just needed some time to decompress, a break from the grind. I mean what harm could that really do?

Well when you’re an ectomorph the answer is: a whole lot.

By the seventh day I had lost 7 lbs of muscle mass and was noticebly weaker. All those gains, all those reps and new personal records counted for little to nothing. My progress had gone away, my body looked like it did 5 months after I started working out.

That was it for me, I was going to change things.

When people talk about steroids it’s usually in hushed tones in the back of shady gyms between two guys who don’t know what they’re talking about. After the olympic suspensions, MLB scandal and every other manner of athlete being thrown to the coals because of PED use it’s no wonder why steroids is considered a bad word in america.

I’m here to tell you that people are wrong about the legal steroids. They’re actually muscle building supplements and when used correctly are incredibly beneficial with little to no side effects.

I started my journey towards perma-gains with Dianabol. This wonder drug, called “the bol” for short is designed to retain nitrogen in your muscle tissue. This helps you sythensize more protein, leading to increased muscle mass. The thing with nitrogen retention is that it lasts far longer than a regular workout “pump” which means that even skinny guys like me get to remain in shape even during our off season.

But maybe you don’t have my problem. Maybe you were blessed with great alpha genes that allow you to get bigger faster than your average human. Well steroids still might be something to look into. Most of us are trying to bulk in the winter and cut in the summer. The mesomorph can gain weight but getting rid of it so your ab muscles will show is a real challenge.


That’s where Trenerol comes in.

“Tren” is a cutting agent that works by increasing testosterone in the athlete. The real magic here is the fat burning properties that allow you to decrease fat will retaining lean mucle mass. In other words you get to keep your gains and still show your abs in the summer. I gave a friend of mine tren and he’s never had a single negative side effect and he’s in excellent shape.

The world of steroids is prone to lots of misinformation so it’s important to do your research before taking anything. I made sure I understood my body and what was best for it before I started with the steroids.

Now when I go to the gym I know all the hard work I put in will pay off and I’ll get to keep it long term. It’s okay to work hard, hell its even mandatory to do so but it’s just as important to work smart and legal steroids are how ntelligent athletes fast track their physical development.